Write a Book and Make it Profitable

Want to write a book? If you do, you need to decide from the outset whether you’ll sell it yourself, or will offer it to publishers. Although a book publishing credit is highly valuable, it can also be a way of losing money.


This is because the majority of published authors fail to make any profit on their books, when you consider the time and energy they invest in the process. However, if they understood the benefits and downsides to choosing a publishing method, they’d make a profit.


1) Is Book Publishing Profitable?


Sadly, for 95 per cent of authors it’s not. Here’s how it works:

You spend one to two years writing a book and selling it (licensing it, in reality) to a publisher for an advance on royalties;
You spend a couple of years waiting for your book to earn out, and start earning royalties… if indeed the book ever earns out.


If you add up all the time this takes, and estimate an hourly rate for published authors, you’d make more money serving burgers and fries at the golden arches. Of course, a lucky few authors (very few), do hit the bestseller lists and make great money.


2) The Benefits of Writing a Book and Having It Published by a Major Publisher


There’s really only one benefit, and it’s this: credibility. A publishing credit legitimizes you as a professional writer. It will help you to sell your writing, and writing services, for years to come. It establishes your writing career, as nothing else can.


3) The Downsides to Writing a Book and Having It Published by a Major Publisher


You spend months and years in publishing limbo.
You wait for an agent to get back to you… you wait for your editor to get back to you…

If you’re a successful, published writer, this won’t matter much. You’ve got lots of other projects in various stages of completion, so you won’t notice these long delays. If you’re a new writer, the delays can kill your career, because you’ll become depressed and downhearted, which means your writing suffers. You’re too busy waiting to do what you should be doing, which is writing.


You lose money.
If a book idea is hot enough for a publishing house to give you a contract, the book idea is worth money. Guess who makes the bulk of the profits?

While you’re waiting for your book to be published, you could be selling it yourself, and earning an income. The time you spend waiting equals money you’ll never get back.


4) Make the Choice Early


It’s up to you which publishing method you choose. For many authors, writing a book and self-publishing, whether electronically or by Print on Demand (POD) is the best option — but only you can decide. But if you want to write a book and make it profitable, you must decide.


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Inspiring Reasons For Writing a Book by HG Nadel

It’s a great time to get your book started, what with the dodgy weather and the start of a New Year. But writing a book, or at least starting to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper can be very difficult – there are so many things out there to distract you from the task in hand.


If you are planning on writing a book this year, and you need a little help motivating yourself to get started, take a look at below listed inspiring reasons by HG Nadel for writing a book:


Follow opportunities to visit new places and meet new people. Writing your book will no doubt give you the opportunity to visit new place, travel to new counties and even (if you’re lucky) to new countries. All very exciting! Whilst travelling can give you the opportunity to visit new places, it can also introduce you to people that you’d never normally interact with. Furthermore, by holding book launches, book signings and book readings, you’ll get an opportunity to meet individuals from your local community that you may never have interacted with before.


You might just become famous! OK, so it is insanely hard to become an international celebrity, but by writing a number of books and working hard on the marketing and advertising of these books, it is possible to become something of a local celeb. Remember to share your experiences with as many people as possible, either through local talks and readings, or through interviews for the local press. Work with groups of people who are interested in writing and learn to motivate them too. All of this will not only make you feel good for giving something back to the community, it will also help boost your personal profile.


Make yourself, your friends and your family proud. Writing a book is a wonderful achievement, and one that should be celebrated. But once the party is over, once you’ve had that last round of drinks in celebration, keep hold of how immensely proud you feel of yourself, and know that those around you who love you also feel extremely proud of your achievement.


Become an expert in your field. Interested in writing a non-fiction piece? See if you can find a title that ties in nicely with your career path. By demonstrating to clients and potential customers that you have expert knowledge in a particular area (solidified by the fact that you have published a book on the subject), you can feel justified in increasing your prices and in raving about that unique selling point you have over others who work within the same industry.


Flex your creative muscles. Creativity is of paramount importance to all book writing. And creativity is one area of life that tends to get lost as you grow up and find that the practicalities of ‘normal’ day-to-day life take up too much of your time. But by writing a book you will find that you have the opportunity to claw back some of that creativity that is usually drained away through day-to-day life.

Meditation for Writers – Weeding Out Useless Thoughts

Mediation has become an essential practice for writers, all over the world. You have job at hand to write on multiple topics, which would probably require you to accumulate creative thoughts. The intelligentsia and knowledge, you possess, would make your work pretty easy. You enjoy writing on diverse topics and feel satisfied. The days, weeks and months would pass. With the passage of time, You become a professional writer, skilled to write on almost anything, within schedule. Although, you take a break but still the pressure of work makes you over occupied. Often, you find yourself busy with the assignments and the target to build word length. The topics, characters, keywords, density and grammar would dominates thoughts and you might still be 100 words away from completing the job.


Although, the scenario depicted above may have some variations, but the crux is that the mind of writers are full of thoughts. This also result in mental fatigue and blocks the flow of fresh ideas. Because of mind’s limitations, you can not explore more. The Meditation is a process in which, you restrict yourself from indulging into useless thoughts, that cause stress and fatigue. The practice of meditation prepare you for a thoughtless state of mind. This is necessary for writers, before writing and after finishing it, to free the mind and release it from occupied thoughts. How you meditate is very important of all the phases of meditation process. A regular practice is expected. Here are some of the tips by HG Nadel that can assist;


  • Chose a silent place and free time, preferably in the morning. Maintain it for regular practice.
  • A natural & comfortable posture would ease the process of mediation.
  • Deep breathe for 5-10 minutes to inhale fresh air. Close your eyes and watch your thoughts.
  • Become witness to the thoughts. Don’t follow them, or suppress them.
  • A deep breathing would aid you to clean these thought and facilitates non-involvement with them. After some time, you start feeling lighter. Thoughts that were occupying your mind, are gone now.
  • A regular course of meditation makes you more energized and relieves a lot of stress, anxiety, and mental fatigue. A good collection of light meditation music as per your taste is of great assistance. As you make it a routine, you are filled with exceptional qualities such as positive attitude, sharp memory and sound health.

Writing Your Heart Out

Trying to make sense of why anyone would want to earn a living as writer is the same as comparing why you want to eat food and why of necessity you have to.


One is because you feel like eating and the second is that you have to, or you will literally die if you do not. Let me put it another way. Do you want to eat or are you kidding yourself into thinking you should be eating because its a tasty thought in your mind?


Lets ask you a question and this applies to many subjects. Do you want to write or do you have to write to release the demons that keep telling you, this is what you were meant to do.?


Writing is a passion that grows and grows with each word you write, whether your subject is fact or fiction, about others or about yourself. The first word is always the hardest and it rambles on from there. It does not have to make sense, you will have time to correct that later.


A burning passion to write will drive you forward until you master the technique of either telling a story or maybe describing in picturesque detail how to bake a cake. It is not as simple as putting pen to paper, writing is a skilled craft and needs study and discipline to succeed.


When writing a page of text you could end up editing over half of the words out before you are finally satisfied. And then when someone else reads what is left, you could be in for a shock. What you thought was brilliant piece of the written word will be rejected for many reasons you do not agreed with. Your pride will take a fall and you will have to recover from this, or face never getting into print.


You have to give other people credit for seeing your piece of writing for what it is, especially if they are professionals ie: authors journalists or editors. Many new writers do not take criticism kindly and instead of taking these peoples comments on board and using them to improve their work they consider it as an attack on themselves.


We all like to think we know best, but writers need all the help they can get to move forward and keep improving. Writing a story is about painting a picture in words and the skills to do this need to be sharpened and honed until it becomes second nature to paint a compelling story that anyone wants to read.


It takes discipline and drive to keep writing and improving. Write about your thoughts, your anger, your pet hates virtually anything where emotions are involved. Read it out aloud and see if it makes any kind of sense. Print it off and read it aloud again. Leave it a week and then go back and read it again. Do not ask family or friends to read it they will be too kind.


Try this simple exercise by HG Nadel: Get your partner or friend to close their eyes then place a piece of fruit or other object on a table and now try and describe the object to your friend using your powers of fiction without actually telling them what the object is. Then ask them what they thought about your description and what was lacking when they discover the answer. You may be surprised.

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Creative Writing And Being A Professional Writer

There are many people trying to be a writer. They keep practicing—which is good—but sometimes they are lack of guidance. Thus, their goal to be a professional writer gradually deteriorates.


This must not happen if one has made a decision to be a writer. When there is a strong will, there’s a way.


To avoid your will from fading away, here are some tips by HG Nadel a novel writer that you can try doing:


Join writing clubs


By joining this club, you meet many people having the same goal or at least hobby with you. You can share ideas, talk about your script, discuss details about it such as your writing style, setting, plot or characters. Gathering with these people helps you strengthen your motivation and desire to be a writer and one thing for sure, you’ll get as much support you need.


Participate in some creative writing workshops


Joining the workshop, you will be trained to work on your writing in better ways. You will be experimenting a lot with words and writing style. This of course enhances your skill. Speakers or instructors in workshops are mostly professional writers. That way, you can learn a lot from their experiences which normally are shared during the course. And, these writers certainly will reveal some useful tips about writing and how to have your script published.


Open up


As a writer, you should be like a thick notebook, ready to be filled in with experiences, emotions, happenings and other things that can deepen your collections of resources for your writings. Also, learn from experienced writers. Read their biography to get more inspiration.


Believe that there is no such thing like writer’s block


Some writers stop writing by using these words, writer’s block, as an excuse. They keep saying that they don’t know how to continue the story. So what? Write another story, then. Make a new one and put aside the old one. The point is, you need to keep writing no matter what. You can always go back to the old one, anyway.


Enjoy it


Things are easier when you enjoy it. Even if you plan that it’s going to be your profession, it doesn’t mean that you have no right to enjoy it.


Keep learning. Writing is a process of learning.

Content Or Passion: Balance In The Writing Journey

Is it better to participate in content writing or write for magazine publication?

The above question is actually multifaceted and can help you determine the overall thrust of your freelance writing career.

It has been estimated that a writer will need to pen a million words before a publisher is likely to accept their first work. That means a lot of rejection slips.

So, does that imply that content writing is preferred to the crafting of a book or magazine article?

Well not exactly. Content writing is a means of addressing a short-term need. If the immediate need is cash, then content writing might provide the answer. However, if you are looking for a means of affecting long-term royalty payments or a greater flexibility in the ownership of your material you may look at other publishing options.

When you agree to write content for a client you are essentially providing a service for hire. Once you release the article or story to the client and they reciprocate with a payment you have no further interest in the article. You can’t use it again and you will gain no further payment for its ongoing use.

When you write a story for potential use in a book anthology, or a full manuscript for publication, you may have a variety of rights to consider.

If you are the author of a story, you can negotiate with a publisher for the rights you are willing to provide. You could provide First North American Rights, which would allow you to resell the story in the future as a second right, but you would also have the capability of selling first rights to someone else on an international basis. Nonexclusive rights allow you to continue selling the material with the same rights to as many publishers as are interested.

As we venture back to the original question it is important to understand that freelanced writing can and should be a balanced approach to writing. If it takes you a million words before you find publishing success why not make some of those words available to a paying content market to provide some skills-based writing while you work on other projects that are more personal and may have the potential to provide long-term residual payments.

HG Nadel says a writer should always find time to write about the things they are passionate about, however the service of content writing provides a means of gaining some writing income while learning new skills and writing techniques while you are waiting for a publisher’s acceptance letter.

Writing toward Personal Transformation

Many people think of writing as something that only professional authors do. The fact is writing is something for everyone. The technique is widely used by people working toward making personal transformations through self-development.


Writing allows one to express personal feelings and thoughts without feeling threatened by external forces. It marks the way toward improvement. One can improve his or her writing skills, communication, and his or her ability to take charge of the emotions.


In fact, writing can help one build self-worth, which in turns builds your confidence. Schools and many others encourage writing, since it has proven to help many people overcome major challenges that held them back from success.


HG Nadel believes that writing promotes subliminal learning. Since one can express his or her feelings and thoughts openly without feeling threatened, one can analyze his or her liberated expressions to decide what must be done to correct problems that hold them back from success.


You do not have to be a literary journalism, author or other professional writer. Rather, you just need a little time to write down your feelings and thoughts on paper. Once the thoughts and feelings are in writing, you can take a moment or two to analyze what you have written.


Most times people find underpinning causes too many of their problems by writing in a journal each day and then analyzing their thoughts and feelings. Writing becomes a legible form of meditation and self-talk that encourages that entity to work through the self-development processes.


We have many ways to improve our overall life. One of these ways is through writing. Do not put off what you can do today. Instead, take a few minutes each day to express yourself on paper. It will make your life much easier to manage through the process of self-development.


Writing will also assist one with cultivating many skills. As pointed out earlier, one can build effective communication skills since writing will help that one express their emotions without feeling overwhelmed.


Moreover, writing will ease some of the stress from suppressed memories. You will find relief that helps you to manage your life effectively by writing each day. Writing will also help you build your vocabulary skills and will open your mind to new ideas. Writing will build self-worth and will ultimately help you work through many psychological problems. You will achieve a better understanding through writing.


Writers down through the years have used writing as a therapeutic and psychotherapy solution for healing the mind. Once you heal the mind the brain and body works in harmony more readily. It will improve your health as well as your emotional and mental ways of living.


If you are ready to make positive transformations that build your self-worth, it is time to get that pen and paper in motion. You can also keep a journal on your computer, which the writing may be more legible. Some people feel interrupted by computers, so if this is you, perhaps the old fashion way is the best solution to work toward a better tomorrow.


You have nothing to lose. If you want to improve your life, thus using natural techniques such as writing is the way to go. Probably one of the greatest benefits of all that come from writing however, that is it can prolong your lifespan. Since the brain cells remain active from writing, it is logical to believe that new brain cells will replace dying cells, which is the ticket to living longer and healthier. Of course, you will need physical exercise to achieve balance in mind and body.


HG Nadel is an author and novel writer who is passionate about creativity. She is best known for her romance novel “Eternal love story“. Her expertise in young adult drama has allowed her to write captivating coming-of-age stories in both English and French.